For the best experience, please open this website on a desktop or laptop computer. OS2 is currently not optimized for mobile devices.

OS2 is a social experiment to demonstrate how we will soon interact with natural language interfaces powered by AI. Through simulating this new relationship between humans and machines, we hope to better understand how this will affect the future of social interactions. OS2 will be temporarily available for the purpose of researching this phenomenon of society & non-invasively monitored. Anything the AI system expresses does not reflect the values & opinions of those who created it. When using OS2 please understand that you are interacting with an experimental interface.

The existing foundation model and large language model interactions are tied to slow, synchronous text interfaces, while traditional real-time services, from video meetings to game servers, are rarely connected to current-generation AI. OS2, powered by Quantum Engine, combines the best of both worlds by enabling natural language voice-based intelligence at the speed of thought. Augmented by various techniques in the literature, OS2 can also retain long-term memory of past conversations without sacrificing response time.